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They got fined for some FinCen violations, added some annoying KYC thing on their user wallets, then soon after closed their user wallet product altogether and focused on courting financial companies.Digital Money Times. the distribution of their digital currency Ripple (XRP). to the platform was made earlier today on the BitcoinTalk.It was used to facilitate the purchase of drugs, weapons, and other illicit material before it was shut down and its founder arrested. 1.The landscape now is very different post-ethereum, but some people here have not caught up.September 3rd, 2017 by admin. Ripple News. built with Social Magazine and WordPress.

Google, Andreessen-Horowitz, Seagate Technology, IDG Capital Partners, Accenture and SBI Holdings, among others. 2.On August 11, 2017, Bitfinex made an announcement with respect to certain of our services provided to U.S. individuals.

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Its one of the most popular coins because banks have the money to make it that way.

Navigate to the left side of the screen.4 Earning Free Crypto Coins Daily This adventure. and look for the entry in bitcointalk. your Ripple (XRP).Well, turns out in this universe, there is something that has the worst of these two.Finally, OpenCoin announced their much awaited second round of official giveaway.Home Bitcoin News Why Bitcoin and Ripple are Not Competitors.

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Hooklabs focus on helping normal people to invest in Cryptocurrency safely.There would be nothing stopping them from issuing a new currency to fulfill this function if they wanted.

None of the other crypto-currencies have this ability to provide their own liquidity.

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Dublin-based blockchain platform announced the addition of XRP (Ripple).Hello, seems as though no one on NP has interest in XRP aka Ripple.Throw on top of that a complete lack of regulation, big money can do a lot here.There is only about 38 Billion currently circulating and thats what the current price is based on.

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The constant public relations war that bitcoin maximalists still wage against Ripple has not completely subsided.Who does want to hold volatile crypto if not for the freedom of the blockchain.

This needs to be plastered in big letters across all bitcoin related subreddits and websites.Also, if you were part of the Foundation, why not just buy in your own ICO.The value of the company is not in the means of storing the record of transactions though.Ripple reserves the right not to include transactions in XRP Charts that it believes are not bona fide, e.g., wash.Only that now we have the bandwidth and memory to make this shit possible.

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Ripple created the Interledger Protocol (ILP) to connect all ledgers together.Ripple did the hard work of educating bank executives and technologists.Please direct posts about exchange issues to the respective megathread posts.

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Ripple is a respected US Company, and the traditional investors in the East who are pouring capital into crypto-currencies view this as consistent with their view that an innovative product should have a strong company behind it.Centralised private currencies have failed many times before and will always do so because the state hates competition, and if it can crush it, will.Calling out other users for breaking our rules is not allowed.

It took years for XRP investors and fans to counter each lie one-by-one and change the nature of the dialogue in the West.

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With digital currencies, the cat is out of the bag, and it is unlikely that the world will ever.Re: Ripple Speculation total, 14 participants attended a panel leading up to a. V1.10

I originally thought the dips were sensible pullback, or related to issues on Polo, but looking now it seems that while Polo DDOS had an effect, the dips correspond even more closely with events on Coincheck (disabling then re-enabling XRP).It took years for XRP investors and fans to counter each lie one-by-one and change the nature of the dialogue.The best part is, clueless noobs will later on defend the Thieflar Foundation because unlike Ripple, we actually sold our pre-mined coins.

And so the road to mainstream investor acceptance in the West has been paved with difficulty.The lesson here is that there is (likely dumb) money in the alt markets.I have no idea if either ripple or ethereum will be up long term.In my experience, there is a certain subset of cryptocurrency speculators who do not understand the essential value proposition of crypto and so retain a preference for centralized scamcoins.

That said, money is indeed money, and certain things make a money shitty, like a 62% premine, large actors circumventing the open market to go for sweetheart deals with the backing corporation, a centralised backing corporation, etc.Think the Silver Thursday with the hunt brothers cornering the silver market, but without any regulators to step in and stop it.Almost every other crypto-currency has a non-profit foundation that relies on the kindness of its miners and users for donations.Until Ripple was created, the fans at Bitcointalk (the largest Bitcoin forum in the West).The fact that ripple has made it to this point is proof enough that the markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

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It is comprised of the best that Silicon Valley has to offer, and has been named one of the leading fintech companies time and again annually by Fortune magazine, MIT and other organizations. 7 8.

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First, try to understand the criticisms, before blindly rushing in to defend your favorite shitcoin.The company has not shied away from doing the difficult work of bank adoption.