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The issue will have stories...Some people on reddit are swearing not to use Poloniex ever again as they have no clue where their money went.With this being said, under normal circumstances, it would appear a very normal thing to find Poloniex was incorporated in the state of Delaware.Click here to view original web page at themerkle.com. Poloniex, the popular Cryptocurrency exchange announced today its support of The DAO token sale, allowing the.

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One thing is certain: a lot of people have lost faith in Poloniex for the time being.

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It is possible that they did in fact, did foresee the possibility of major platform issues.Reopen the Trollbox so that users can discuss the situation on the platform.Status Quo, or at least anyone would have thought this was just normal, everyday operations.That was followed up by notice on the same day that they were discontinuing their Trollbox to meet ever-increasing support demands.

Reading the article from May 16th today makes for very compelling evidence that Poloniex was putting forth the excuses and reasoning behind the issues that have been occurring over the past week or so.Especially since it is an option that has laws written to make it possible, but why in this industry would a company, an exchange none-the-less, ever not be fully transparent.

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IE: announcement address.hell i forget. i think they wanted 3 address links.With events from the past, the nature of bitcoin itself and all of the attention on verifying users, as of late, it seems odd that one of the largest exchanges in the world would not have any contact information or transparency in regard to the physical location of the exchange which holds well over 120,000 BTC 6 worth of currency.Latest Bitcoin News- Poloniex, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange shall not support any potential Bitcoin Folk on August 1.Besides the very lenient tax laws and corporate goveranance guideline, Delaware also has a few other rules that make it interesting to find Poloniex within their corporate database.

Quote from: papasmurph on March 09, 2016, 11:39:47 pm Voted on Poloneix Thank you and welcome to the original community.

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I think if the community will come together and work hard at lobbying Poloniex, we will achieve a listing.Poloniex did not follow. 54 Facebook 54 Twitter ReddIt WhatsApp Pinterest. - Oliver is an IT certified Support manager filled with years of experience and a.

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Abaev attempted to resolve the issue via Poloniex customer support. have taken to Reddit to.However, they are incorporated in the state of Delaware, which is the Mecca of corporate havens.In doing some research into some of the basic corporate laws in a handful of other states, and then confirming this with some general information found from several resources, such as the IRS, Small Business Administration, Wikipedia and LinkedIn, the majority of the remaining 49 states within the United States of America require a corporation to have at least one director and two officers.

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Coincidences can and do occur in eerily uncomfortable situations, but for them to occur multiple times, regarding the same situation.While there is always Bitcointalk.org and Reddit,. why is it that Poloniex support has become worse then it has.

Being the way things are in Delaware, would anyone like to guess at the number of these services that are available.Factom Price Prediction March 18 Factom Price Prediction March 18 after a nice run up to.0085 vs Bitcoin Factom had a big downtrend testing support.

One user reached out to us explaining how his Poloniex support ticket is open for some time now. It seems this information was posted on Reddit as well over the.Communicate with your users and the bitcoin community at large.

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Impractical Policies See Bitcoin Exchange Poloniex Suspends Services in Washington State. Reddit Weibo.

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The hope here is that Poloniex answers these questions, replies to their user support tickets and this resolves itself with no loss of money for any users of the exchange.The Poloniex exchange recently announced that it will finally enable BCH withdrawals on Monday.

There have also been no new news updates since October of 2016.This coin started out as a joke on Reddit and has gained popularity as a meme. They support crypto currencies as well as traditional.You may or may not have heard that the founder (DA Hongfei - dahongfei on reddit) and core developer (Erik Zhang - erikzhang on reddit) of Neo (formally known as.Because if you trade altcoins then you probably trade on Poloniex. Ledger Nano S native support: BTC.It also can be seen as a sign of how the exchange is dealing with some.There is no physical address listed for Poloniex, and the registered agent address comes back as an extremely large office complex.

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Poloniex phone number format. Twilio Support Twilio strongly.Failing to provide a simple note, message, Tweet or anything at all to users who have faithfully entrusted the exchange with their money is the negligence in this situation.

Bitcoin News: Poloniex Customer Support Issues Prevent User From Accessing Account for Over 2 Weeks.We believe the more reddit can be user-supported, the freer we will be to make reddit the.He also is unable to get any response from the Poloniex support.High trade volume exchange Poloniex customer support is becoming worse than ever before,.

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Misterch0c 🔹 on Twitter: "Hacker sold his exploit to